Emily Brodsky

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Office: Earth & Marine Sci. C370
Telephone: (831) 459-1854
Fax: (831) 459-3074

Why do earthquakes start? What makes them get big? Why do they stop? I am trying to answer these questions by studying earthquake triggering, fault zone structure and friction. These studies require using tools from a variety of disciplines including seismology, hydrogeology, structural geology, geodesy, rheology and rock mechanics.

In addition, I work on some problems related to explosive volcanism and glacial mechanics.


California Institute of Technology, Sep 95-Oct 00, Ph.D.
Harvard University, Sep 91-Jun 95, B.A. Magna cum laude


2010 National Science Board Distinguished Lecturer
2010 Geo-Prisms Distinguished Lecturer
2009 Earthscope Distinguished Lecturer
2008 American Geophysical Union Macelwane Award
2006 Seismological Society of America Richter Award